Denver, CO

About the Church

Rivers of Living Waters Fellowship (ROLWF) was started in January 2016. Our public services began in June, 2016.  Pastor Monica Gilbert is ROLWF’s founding president and senior minister. In the span of more than 15 years, through various leadership footprints, she has been in preparation for these works. Likewise, she has been cultivated by her previous pastors, to have a servant’s heart, and to train within the five-fold ministry, to serve the great people of God.

ROLWF was develop as a mantel from Pastor Monica’s mother, Rev. Barbara Quill, who has been involved in the operations of ROLWF for over 25 years. In the year 2015, God spoke to Pastor Monica instructing her to pick up this mantel here in Denver, CO. The creation of ROLWF’s Denver location, resembles the relationship between Elijah and Elisha; that of mentor and mentee. In her obedience to God, Pastor Monica began the process, and thus our ministry was born.

Here at ROLWF, we are a healing and deliverance ministry, as well as a source for the training of leaders in the Body of Christ. 

It is our belief that when we stand on the Word of God, our lives will change, and out of our bellies, shall flow Rivers of Living Waters.

We welcome and encourage you to visit us, and experience why others are calling ROLWF home.

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