Innovative Leadership Training

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” ~Hosea 4:6

God tells us that our destruction comes from our lack of knowledge. Rivers of Living Waters Fellowship has been given the assignment to educate our leaders with Biblical Leadership training to strengthen and enlarge the Kingdom of God. The quarterly Innovative Leadership Training workshops are taught by top spiritual leaders from throughout the country. The sessions are geared towards leaders in the Body of Christ to strengthen, support and challenge them to further walk in their God given purpose.

Our next session:


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Previous Innovative Leadership Training Sessions

Prophetic Training with Dr. Jimmie Reed
Dr. Jimmie Reed
Servant Leadership and Marriage
Dr. Mitch Nickols
Spiritual Warfare
Pastor Monica Hawkins
Knowing Who is Assigned to You
Bishop Steve Bulloch
Ethical Leadership and The Balance of Marriage and Ministry
Dr. Mitch Nickols



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